Sunday, July 11, 2010

Door County

This summer instead of camping/cabining, the boys, their mom, Lucy and I decided to kick it up a notch and head to Door Cty Wisconsin.  Above is a photo of the view from our hotel balcony.

After a long drive, a nice evening swimming off energy at the pool the kids slept well and we were all in good moods as we headed to our first destination.  Washington Island.  In the above photo the kids are on the ferry. Isaac and Nathan were a little weary of potential fog horn blows so they kept themselves protected.

When we left the peninsula it was fairly cloudy, but we could still see the island from the pier.  Very quickly a thick fog rolled in. 

Here we are on the island. The fog disappeared and the sun came out. We had crazy good luck with weather considering that every day called for rain.  Above is a photo of Lucy and Jacob on the Cherry Train tour.  Folks, it wasn't a train at all, it was a trailer being pulled very fast through the streets of Washington Island by a SUV.  I loved the tour, it was just a little anxiety producing considering there were no carseats, no seat belts and we were pretty much in the open air.   Not to worry, Lucy made sure Jacob stayed safe.

One of the Cherry Train stops was a historic farm.  Lucy loved the animals.

Another stop was Schoolhouse Beach, famous for its smooth rocks. Lucy spent our time here collecting and hiding rocks in the forest for other people to discover.

The train stopped at another farm.  Lucy just loved the chickens. 

On Thursday we headed to another farm on the peninsula. The kids really seemed to love all the open space and freedom to run that this farm offered. 

For lunch we discovered PC Junction a train themed kid friendly restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It was fun to let the kids play and explore the play area while waiting to be seated.

they had a play house, lucy immediately got to work cooking soup for all the kids.

After lunch we headed to a state park to swim at their sand dune beach. Water was cold.
Friday morning before heading out the kids got their last swim in the hotel pool.  They loved jumping into the pool doing tricks. 
Lucy was able to swim all the way across the pool with no help.

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