Thursday, July 22, 2010


Looking back on this photo from two years ago, it's hard to believe that she was giving me such a DAMN HARD TIME!  She looks so little, barely capable of anything but causing love and joy.  Yet, I very clearly and with vivid pain remember her at three years old.  No wonder people thought I was nutz, all they could see is what I see in this photo, a sweet, adorable, can't do nothing wrong beautiful baby girl.  

I want to remember as often as possible, that two short years from now, I will think that the current Lucy is still so young and little.  Though, I could hold on to the 5 year old stage for a long time. 

Today Lucy asked me what color my arm was.  Interesting question given that I know she was asking in the most literal sense.  Uhhh, ummm, sort of pink and yellow??? Uh it's hard to say.   Lucy laughs, "you have YELLOW skin???  ha ha ha"     A few weeks ago she had her face painted and she went up to (a total stranger) someone and said, "look at my face, it used to be brown but now I am a puppy".    Then later when I told her it was time to do hair she started throwing a fit and when I said, "Lucy, it's no big deal, we all need to keep our hair neat and clean"  she counters with "it IS a big deal mom, you are NOT like me, look at our skin! Mom, who IS like me?"  I was sooo thankful that we have many children and adults in our lives that I could quickly name off who are "like her".    


Kristy said...

Awesome post such a reminder that our dear little ones think and see things we just take for granted I'm also glad we have many good friends of all colors in our lives thanks for posting!

Cindy said...

Fantastic Post.
She does look little in this picture!

Mama Papaya said...

This hits in that spot that sinks and worries and wonders.

And it totally counts as camping. If my printer worked, I would bring you along to experience it yourself. :)

MysteriousMindy said...

Wow. She's getting to that age, isn't she? I wish we could protect that beautiful little girl from all the nasties that we know exist...I'm so glad you both have others in your lives that are 'like her', and I'm so glad to have you both in my life.

The Lost Planetista said...

It's really funny because the other day we were having a really bad parenting day (like, REALLY BAD) and back when we were still waiting for a referral we looked at your blog so much (as if to say, "see? it really will happen!) But those were the days when Lucy was giving you a real run for your money. So the other day we reminded ourselves that Lucy used to sometimes act like a little monster, just like DD was doing. And that now you hardly ever complain! ha ha!

Heather said...

I have had the same conversations with Jacob. He will be 5 in September and often asks if I can have a baby with brown skin like his. We also have a lot of friends from different races and other families that look similar to ours. It is getting better but I still worry when he loudly announces that someone else has brown skin like him. I know he's proud of his skin now and I hope it stays that way.