Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lucy's sick but so far (knock wood) not too sick.  She has a cold right now, which has triggered her asthma which unfortunately means that my normally incredibly active, short attention span child is now hopped up on albuterol ... wheeeeeeee ...    Here's to hoping we can back off the every four hour neb starting now. 

seems like maybe Zep is a little freaked out by the albuterol maniac

and here are the eyes of the sick. 


Leslie said...

I'm sorry-- I hope she's better soon.

Kristy said...

I oh so know what you are talking about infact I said just yesterday I better start my guy back on his abuterol inhaler but I really don't want to because of the side effects to an already maniac hiper crazy bouncing off the walls thre year old. Hope shes better soon.