Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

ahhhhhh the quiet of this moment.   We've just had a very fun few days/nights with Diane and her boys.  Hanging out here, playing in the hotel pool, celebrating with 30 of our closest friends/family members our 4th famiversary (sorry Diane that one just got out of control, it shouldn't surprise me that SO many people want to celebrate Lucy, but it did surprise me ... and the restaurant, and probably every other diner at the restaurant).  By the way, I should mention that the folks at Fasika Ethiopian restaurant in St. Paul are incredibly patient and accomodating.  I don't think I've ever been disappointed at that restaurant. 

Lucy was a pretty darn great hostess.  There is nothing she likes more then a house full of boys.  This morning she covered Irmao with two blankets, brought him some hand sanitizer and offered (very selflessly) to watch hime play Nintendo DS.  She's quite the giver.   Wendim and Lucy spent quite a fair amount of time rekindling their friendship and baby Og, well he just charmed the pants off of everyone he came near.  I was on the phone with my mom this morning and I believe she said something like "oh my god he is just too cute" and he is.  Diane KEEPS claiming that he's not very cute in the middle of the night but she never once offered to let him sleep in my room, so she must secretly like all that extra time she spends with Mr. Perfect in every way.  

Today we lost a little love (Lucy and I) because I was pretty much ignoring her as I put our house back together and obsessed over our stinking washing machine that wouldn't spin our blanket yet REFUSED to unlock itself so that I could redistribute the weight.  Shoot, I even unplugged it.  Lucy stared at my as I hit the machine and screamed "NO NO NO NO NO!" I think she was glad that I was refocusing my irritation from her to it.   She went up stairs and I sooned joined her to be presented with a beautifully spit cleaned back door window.  I now refer to that window as either 1. an H1N1 factory or 2. privacy glass. 

So in desperation we went for a nap drive.  A nap drive is a test to see if she's really tired.  We get in the car, no jackets, nice warm fleece blanket.  We drive towards the drive through coffee place.  My rule: if she falls asleep before we get to coffee place I get nothing but a nap outtta my kid,  if she is awake when we get to the drive through I get coffee but probably no nap.  Today she was awake at the coffee place (rats), so I got coffee (!!!) and as we turned around to head home voila, she crashes!!!!   Dynamic duo, coffee and a nap!  

no photos, my camera is being held hostage by a famiversary attendee ... will post photos later.


Melanie said...

How come you didn't get it back????

StefB said...

I love the nap drive routine -- sounds like something I would do. One question -- does she transfer from car to house?

Congratulations on your famiversary. I even like the term. I've just been saying Family Day, but haven't been totally satisfied. We've had 2 so far. :)

Stacy said...

yes StefB, she doesn't sleep much but when she does fall asleep it's pretty "hard" sleep. She can transfer from car to house. A lot of nights when we are babysitting she'll even transfer from house to car to house. I believe in one amazing night we started late and she actually transfered from house to car to house to car to house.

StefB said...

Consider yourself blessed with all that successful transferring! Car napping usually falls apart for us at the transfer part. And it gets UGLY! She does not like to be awakened.