Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today was a nearly perfect day.  Wake up was perfect for Lucy, I ruined it all for myself because I was convinced she was waking up at 5 again so I layed in bed willing it not to be true.  Once I decided that she was sleeping it was already past 6 and I was just awake.  Lucy slept until almost 7 by the way (nice job rooster girl). 

I let about 45 minutes slip by before I told Lucy that there was snow on the ground.  About 3 minutes later we were outside.  Turns out the end of the season winter wear clearance jacket makers are not into coordinating with the end of the season winter wear clearance snow pant makers, the good news is that the jacket and snow pants will fit her all year AND doesn't matter that they don't match, she looks good in anything!  Zep the dog seems to be enjoying the snow more now that he's older.

We came inside and enjoyed a little quiet reading time.

We made and ate home made apple sauce, and my first home made apple pie (made in a corning ware casserole dish because I have no pie pans).  Yum.

We babysat the three boys for a few hours.  We ended up making a couple batches of home made playdough.  One brown - using cocoa powder (smells good, tastes [despite my warnings 3 of the 4 kids had to taste] not so good.  The other was light brown (was supposed to be orange) - using cinnamon and something else, smelled good.  

The boys went home and Lucy and I enjoyed a nice dinner together.  Lucy had a nice olive oil bath.  We rocked and watched Nemo and she fell asleep in my happy happy arms.  

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Nancy said...

I love the new winter attire but not loving that she is sporting it in FALL!!

It was so cold here yesterday that I actually thought it could snow. You weren't kidding when you said you had a minute of summer and the rest of the season is winter.

The playdough sounds fun. I made a batch a couple of weeks ago that was supposed to be pink but ended up gray purple. It is sitting in the container becoming a science project. I think it's time for another batch.