Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Less then 2 weeks until the holiday break!!! I get two "free" weeks off at the end of the year and fortunately (or unfortunately depending on the moment) Lucy's preschool is closed those exact two weeks. Everything happens in this last two weeks of work. Setting up clients to have resources to deal with the closure, the holiday store, the holiday parties, graduation and terminating with some clients. WHEW and that's just on top of the normal stuff that goes on at my agency. OH wait, there's also my personal shopping and holiday preparations. I shake my head and my fist.

Today Lucy was getting a little fiesty when she was "helping" me make pancakes. With her, the "you give an inch, she takes a mile" situation really really applies. She started messing with "transferring" pancake batter from the plain batter to the blueberry batter, totally missing and moved on to tasting the batter which freaks me out since I am convinced she'll get salmonella or something (I am not a germophobe but am a bit of a freak about food borne illnesses). Anyways after chastising her and getting to the "final warning" she looks at me and says "uhhhgggg, mom you're really bringing me down". WHERE in the H E double hockey sticks does she get this stuff from?

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I like to reinforce my fear of food-borne illness with a little song:

(sung to the tune of the Jose Cuervo, you ain't no friend of mine song)

Salmonella, you ain't no friend of mine.
I like to take precautions so I don't up and die.