Friday, February 3, 2012

on Friday nights

On Friday nights I am burnt out beyond belief.  Toasty crispy done.
Short but sweet blog post.
Our new nutrition makeover needs a bit of tweaking (ie, we are in a rut and need to add some more variety and nutrition) BUT it is still working its wonderful magic.

1. Lucy has many many days at school with no time outs.
2. when Lucy does get a time out she gets really upset because she's worked so hard to avoid it
3. Lucy is SO proud of herself.
4. She is finally grasping reading and it's so amazing to see her brain clicking.

I am on a crusade now to cut dairy out of most kid's lives.
With that being said, I really really could go for some cheese and a malt right now.

adios amigos.


Shannon- said...

I keep craving DQ with rainbow sprinkles. He can have neither the manufactures 'dairy'. nor the dye infused petroleum product... sigh..

Oh and you have definitely inspired us to ... one day... to give up the dairy all together.

D said...

Not envying you.

When esposo was insisting he needed to be dairy free, it killed out variety.

Now, wheat free (but back on the dairy) there are so many more options for (home) cooking. Maybe the library has a vegan for kids cookbook.

D said...

lots of other vegan/non-dairy stuff there that is really, really good

(cookie dough dip!!!)

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