Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love her

after seeing some show, or learning something about scuba diving and undersea adventures Lucy asked her ever faithful and obliging grandpa for some scuba gear (she actually asked for two sets, one for her and one for Morgan).  Grandpa came half way through with a lovely wet suit for Lucy (along with a snorkel and mask).  Wet suit appreciated during swimming lessons in January!

and seriously,  aside from a huge lottery win, what more could a mother ever ask or hope for?  I hope you can all read this section of her report card.  I am sure the academic stuff will come in its own time but the empathy?  the honesty?  let's all give a round of applause for my straight A(wesome) Lucille!!!!

bragging done.
will probably whine tomorrow.


Brown Sister 2 said...

Hi Stacy & Lucy,

I love, love, love reading this blog! I just wanted to say again how proud I am of the growth Miss Lucy has made this year! She has grown into an amazing young lady. She's intelligent, loving, compassionate, has a huge heart and mind for justice, and is so, so beautiful. I can't believe that the same little girl who didn't do Holiday Pops last year because she didn't want to be on stage, sang "I Am Beautiful" all by herself for the school talent show today. I cried, and cried with pride and joy today! Stacy - you are an amazing mother of an amazing little girl. She is so very beautiful and so very lucky to have come home to you and her wonderful grandparents Karin & Larry! ~Tania

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