Sunday, March 31, 2013

Animal Whisperer

Lucille LOVES animals and most animals love her. They are drawn to her and they anchor her. She is at her most regulated and focused when there is an animal near her.
for some reason our old old cat Azazel LOVES to sit by Lucy she reads. It's the cutest thing. Lucy loves it. It's like we have our very own reading incentive program right in our home.

even my mom's dog loves Lucy.
of course good old Zep. He is unhappy and anxious anytime Lucy is out of the house, pacing back and forth back and forth until she is home where she belongs. 



Jennifer Wilson said...

Hi Stacie! I have been following your blog since I came home with Saro in 2006. Saro is a lot like Lucy and this post really confirms it! Saro loves animals and wants to work with animals when she is grown up. We finally got a dog and we also have two cats. Other than some "sibling" rivalry, she loves loves loves them.
Jennifer mt Saro who will be 7 in May

preetsoftechworld said...

Your blog is so good. I want to work with animals. I read your full blog.

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