Wednesday, August 22, 2012


and just like that summer is almost over. 
Lucy has one week left until she starts school.  We are both ready.  I work the same amount in summer as I do the rest of the year so summer is just a more relaxed version of every other season of the year.  Lucy gets a nice break from all of the expectations of the school year but the benefits of the break are tempered by the consequences of lack of consistency in her days/evenings/caretakers etc. 

So, yes we are ready to head into the rushing out the door to daycare/work and the rushing home to get her off the bus or picked up on time.  We are ready for consistent earlier bedtimes.  I am so so very curious (and nervous) to see how being with a new group of peers (she is having a do-over in first grade and will get to be with new kids for the first time in 2 years) and how getting a 2nd chance with first grade academics will help (hopefully not hurt) her.  It helps that Lucy is really excited to be with her teacher again (although she's not that excited about her friends being in a different class). 

I'm trying to get organized and prepared and ready to help Lucy as much as possible so she can feel really good about school and be super successful.  I am having the best attitude possible and hoping it rubs off on her.  I love her so.