Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey There

Hi Friends!   Can't believe summer 2012 is in its final month already.  So much has happened this summer.  Let me do a quick recap in list formation:

1. Lucy spent six weeks in a Children's Defense Fund Freedom School.  It was hard and wonderful at the same time.  My outgoing, social little girl does have anxiety around starting new things so it was rough going for the first couple weeks.  Look up Freedom School, awesome and I imagine there is at least one in your area!

2.  We went on our annual summer vacation with 'the boys'.  We got all brave and decided to head west to the Black Hills, SD.  We all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed our time.

3. Mama got a new job!  I was so sad to leave my former agency but my new gig (in St Paul) pays SO MUCH better and has a lot of growth opportunity.  I am still home visiting, but no longer doing direct teaching in a classroom.  I'm still getting used to the new paperwork, expectations and traveling around all parts of St Paul but I think I like the job and look forward to getting into a little pattern. 

4. Lucy is growing and growing.  Life with a 7 year old is funny, enjoyable and a tiny bit more peaceful then before.

5. Our rats have moved on.  One of them died and the other is now cohabiting with another single rat in a local preschool.  Happier rats and happier me. 

6. We just went on a mini roadtrip with auntie Jen to Iowa to see a bunch of people in concert.  Lucy's best boyband friends Green River Ordinance and her true love Adam Lambert, plus many others.  Lucy rocked out from 1pm-8:30 pm and she did great!!!  How fun to be able to experience events like this with my baby.
 babes in badlands


 happy Lucy got chosen to help at the bird show

 wild burros in Custer State Park

 Corny Corn Palace

 Jr Paleontologist at the Mammoth Hot Springs Dig site

 kids in the hall


Mt Rushmore

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cathy said...

It's so funny how we've been to all those exact tourist spots... and had the BEST time. I'm so glad you had a vacation and Lucy did so well.