Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hi!! We are still here ...

So much has happened and at the same time so much is the same.  Lucy was batman for Halloween.
Lucy's 1st grade year is less dramatic then kindergarten but it's not without its challenges and heartbreaks. Live is challenging.  We live it the best we can but it's challenging, exhausting and stressful to live in a world created for more traditional personalities. 

Lucy's auntie Jen, the love of her life and our housemate for the past 6 years up and moved to St. Louis. Her job transferred her there.  Oh the sad sad sobbing that took place when we broke the news to Lucy. It was heartbreaking.  Lucy crying, auntie Jen crying ...  I wen't with Jen when she moved to make sure she unpacked and left Lucy with grandma.  Lucy and her mama were separated by states for the first time in six years.  I was pretty anxious. Lucy handled it pretty well.

FINALLY Lucy was picked as a volunteer at the zoo.  She was so proud.  She held the food dish and these birds flew over to her and landed there.  Lucy held so still. 

About a week after I returned from St Louis Lucy had a breakdown. She missed Jen so much.  Zeppelin bolted over to the sofa and proceeded to curl up next to Lucy as I rubbed her back.  Zeppy stayed with her until I brought her to bed over an hour later.  He's a devoted dog for sure.

Lucy has managed to hang on to her keen sense of style.

We started an elimination diet.  Taking out dairy and adding in lots of protein plus supplements to see if we can help Lucy's brain help her body to settle down a little bit.  We're only a week into the plan. We will definately let you know how it goes.

Lucy helped to make Lefse

In her excitement of actually seeing Santa Lucy totally forgot to ask the two questions she had planned:
1. Can she ever visit the North Pole and
2. How big are elf's

Oh well she says, we'll just write him a letter and ask.
See you soon!


Mama Papaya said...

And I am here too and feeling really far behind. Thinking of you two. Happy holiday wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking in periodically to your blog for years and I find her love of animals truly heart warming as my passion for animals also began before I was even a one year old according to my mother. When I became vegetarian at age 14 my family said they had been waiting for it since i was 5! Watch out for sweet Lucy's day mama :p

Tony Raz said...

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