Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She's 6!

Well, my baby turned 6 last week.
She's getting good at basketball.

The basketball was courtesy of the Easter bunny. 
The bunny isn't such a huge fan of Lucy on sugar.

She's a farmer now.  I have developed a little addiction to Value Village thrift store. She's getting lots of pretty dresses, and these overalls! 

Lucy became a patient at Shriner's.  As part of a study she gets access to three different types of assistive devices.  We have to pick up device three soon.  Here is Trent.  Lucy loves him.

She had such a hard time resisting touching the sticky goo they used to make the mold.  "I SO BAD want to touch it" but she refrained and I applauded!

You know "the boys"?  The ones I babysit?  Well the boys and their mom gave Lucy two rats for her birthday.  Ratchet and Millie.  They are sweet and Lucy loves them.  I am developing a fondness for them as well. 


hotflawedmama said...

She's so beautiful. 6! wow! I think she and my 6-yr-old Tariku would make quite the pair. :) We are hoping to get Binyam in at the Shriners too. Are you having good experiences with them so far?

Stacy said...

yes, so far I really like Shriners. Even the waiting is (sort of) fun, last time lucy got her face painted, snacks and a volunteer to play games with.

Jess said...

Such a gorgeous girl!

The Lost Planetista said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!
*I loved your last post, too- Race Relations- but when I read it I didn't have time to comment.

Hot said...

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Mama Papaya said...

Six! Wow. Happy birthday, Lucy!

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