Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Roller Derby

Where have I been all these years???!!!   Yes, we found a new activity together.  Love the Roller Derby, Lucy does too.  She ROCKED the derby, totally engaged. 
It was MN Mascot show-down pre-show.  Lucy loved the mascots!

 She especially loved the pink pig mascot from the saints

 she met tons of roller girls. 

 watched the mascots play a mean game of musical chairs

 watched intently

 snuggled auntie jen

 snuggled mommy

 watched a bout

 talked ice cream with the leprechaun

 danced her butt of at the half time show

and like a good dessert, she ran into a paramedic, and scored a pair of doctor's gloves


Anonymous said...

oh my laughed laughed laughed, what the heck were you all wearing and what made you go out in the cold to do this? That girl is a pistol

3GenerationsFarm said...

Did you know we have a roller derby up here?? Love it too! I secretly long to be a roller girl with fishnet tights and boy shorts!