Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet Sunny Saturday

 We recently discovered Gale Woods Farm.  Fantastic fun.  This morning we went to Saturday Morning at the Farm.  A great hands on but not overly overled family farming event.
 the kids were able to get up close and personal with many farm animals.  This was no petting zoo, this is a farm.  The kids LOVED having the freedom to hang with the animals.

 Jacob was the sheep whisperer.  He is a real friend to the animals.

 Lucy got them a little wound up.
 but she bossed them back into their places
 if it clucks like a chicken and walks like a chicken it must be a ...

 again with the animal whisperer

 Lucy loves LOVES LOVES the danger of running on top of the hay bale maze. 

 these two have a lot of fun together


Nancy said...

Love visits to the farm. The maze looks like incredible fun!

cathy said...

i love the photo of her surrounded by sheep. looks like a beautiful day.