Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mid-January Check-In

Checking in from the slightly less frozen tundra.  It got to the mid 20's today and we almost threw open the windows to get some fresh air.  Streets are still lined with solid chunks of rutted ice.  Real fun times here. 

Lucy has been busy getting back into the groove at preschool.  I've been reluctantly getting back into the groove at work.  I have officially turned in Lucy's school choice card.  Additionally I've sent in an application for a charter school that I hope hope hope hope she gets into.  Only 14 kids in the kindergarden class!  The charter school focus is Social Justice.  Every three years the middle schoolers (Lucy would be in 6th 7th or 8th grade) take a Civil Rights tour. They spend months preparing for the tour by reading books, interviewing local civil rights activists etc.  The school sounds magnificant and I can bettcha that they won't have any awful family tree, baby photo, etc etc assignments such is the level of commitment of respect to diverse types of families/peoples in the community.  We'll see. 

Every couple days I have assigned myself to purge unneeded or unbeautiful things from my home, to organize what I have and to put anything useful that I don't need/want in a garage sale pile or the garbage (if it's useless).   I am really actually LOVING this process.  The areas I have completed feel calmer and I am feeling calmer.  I only have a few more areas upstairs to tackle before moving to the basement. 
My ultimate goal is to be able to fit everything I own, in a calm organized manner on my main level or on one wall of shelves in the laundry room.  This EXCLUDES tools, home improvement stuff and outdoor toys/gardening stuff.   

So during this process blogging takes sort of a back burner since most of it occurs post-Lucy bedtime (which is also my blogging time).

Here is Lucy tonight.


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StefB said...

Good luck with the school. I'm currently in a school decision phase,too. And I must join you in the big purge! I've already started. Clutter has been the bane of my existence and I don't really even KNOW how to keep it at bay, but I know I'll feel better without it and I'm having some successes.

Stefanie, mom to Tiana (Guatemala), now almost 3.5 and a bit like Lucy :)

cathy said...

i am so super proud of your organizing mission!!! it sounds fantastic. and i hope lucy gets the school of your choice. that's so hard to wait for your kid's future to be determined. and LOVE lucy's dress in that photo!

Jebena said...

Hey Stacy---ME TOO!!!! (getting things decluttered that is). My 3-month mantra and goal is SIMPLIFY.

jayme said...

That school sounds so incredible, it's sparking a new conversation about moving to Minneapolis!

Also, I'm totally impressed with your organizational tear. I'm almost inspired to start my own (but I already have a ginormous garage sale pile, and I'm not sure I want it to grow any more until I can actually *do* anything about it!